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First Light for Tellico and KDE Frameworks 5

I've started the process of porting Tellico to KDE Frameworks 5. Many things are currently broken, but the main application does compile and show a window! I'm not sure how long it will take to get the first beta release out, but we'll see.

[Tellico KF5]

Tellico 2.3.10 Released

Tellico 2.3.10 is available.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing bug with some ISBNdb results (Bug 339063).
  • Updated Producer results for IMDb and TheMovieDB fetchers (Bug 336765).
  • Fixed bug with Allocine API search using punctuation (Bug 337432).
  • Fixed bug with importing Goodreads collection.

Please let me know of any comments or bugs.

Tellico 2.3.9 Released

Tellico 2.3.9 is available.


  • Improved GCstar import and export to handle custom GCstar fields.
  • Updated TheMovieDB fetcher to API version 3.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with writing link-only images in HTML exporter (Bug 330649).
  • Fixed character encoding in Allocine fetcher (Bug 334527).
  • Removed IMDb country choice since it's now unavailable (Bug 330641).
  • Fixed CSV importer bug, causing a hang (Bug 329677, Debian Bug 729503).
  • Fixed crashing bug in IMDB fetcher (Bug 330591).
  • Fixed crashing bug in command-line importing (Debian Bug 729499).
  • Corrected user dialog text with Google Book Search results (Bug 323475).
  • Fixed error in setting modified date for entry in certain cases (Bug 326911).
  • Updated IMDb fetcher for website changes (Bug 325673).

Please let me know of any comments or bugs.

Tellico 2.3.8 Released

Tellico 2.3.8 is available.


  • Updated fetcher to use v2 of API.
  • Updated GiantBomb fetcher for XML changes in responses.
  • Added to MusicBrainz data source.
  • Updated Allocine fetcher for website changes.
  • Added fetcher for
  • Added Dewey Decimal and LCC to results.

Bug Fixes

  • Added Bibtex importing for drag/drop text (Bug 319182).
  • Fixed Entrex/Pubmed fetcher for summary requests (Bug 319501).
  • Fixed bug with retaining allowed values when adding entries from data sources (Bug 317905).
  • Fixed bug with not properly escaping text in CSV exporter (Bug 317473).
  • Fixed regexp in Google Scholar fetcher to set cookie (Bug 316550).
  • Fixed character encoding in IMDB results list (Bug 314113).
  • Fixed crashing bug with OpenLibrary and DVDfr fetcher (Bug 319681).
  • Fixed memory leak when updating entries (Bug 316449).

Please let me know of any comments or bugs.

Tellico 2.3.7 Released

Tellico 2.3.7 is available.


  • Added data sources for and
  • Added import capability for VinoXML files.
  • Added capability to enter Google API key for book search.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with adding new fields when importing bibtex (Bug 304767).
  • Updated the IMDB fetcher.
  • Corrected character encoding and title data for DVDfr search.
  • Corrected actor and role results from Allocine search.
  • Improved the Delicious Library importer.
  • Fixed a bug with editing the toolbar configuration in KDE 4.9.2+.
  • Fixed a bug with a number field not detecting a modified value (Bug 313304).
  • Fixed a bug that caused loans to fail to get checked-in (Bug 307958).

Please let me know of any comments or bugs.

Tellico 2.3.6 Released

Tellico 2.3.6 is available.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an intermittent crash when entering multiple ISBN values in search.
  • Improved Amazon search for US UPC values from non-UPC sites.
  • Fixed formatting bugs in search.
  • Fixed a bug for saving images when using a local image directory (Bug 299130).
  • Fixed a bug with loading images from Google Book Search (Bug 299789).

Please let me know of any comments or bugs.

Update: While the code compiles fine on KDE 4.5, it looks like there's a documentation incompatibility. You might need to edit the doc/CMakeLists.txt file and remove the line for Portuguese (pt) translation if you have problems compiling with KDE 4.4 or 4.5.

Website Hacked

Recent visitors may have gotten a malware warning when visiting in the last couple of weeks. Evidently, the website was hacked similar to described here. I took it down to try to figure out what happened, and I appreciate the emails and forum posts from users letting me know.

I'm still not certain of the attack vector. I have a couple other domains shared on the dreamhost account, one of which had old unused installations of gallery and Wordpress. That's my best guess at how the attacker got access.

I've changed my user and database passwords. I've reinstalled the latest versions of Wordpress and Drupal (6.x) in clear directories. I restored to older copies of the databases, checked permissions on all the directories, removed the old gallery installation, and made my best attempt at locking everything down again! I verified the checksums of all the Tellico packages against the copies I have on my local home machine and they have not changed.

With all that, I cross my fingers and hope everything is fixed! My skills and strengths are not in the area of website administration, believe me. So this was a real headache.

Tellico 2.3.5 Released

Tellico 2.3.5 is available.


  • Added data sources for China, Spain, and Italy.
  • Added filter rules for dates before and after.
  • Updated GCstar exporter to include images.
  • Updated Discogs fetcher to use API v2.
  • Updated fetcher to use API v2.
  • Updated fetcher for

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that always showed checkmark for boolean field values (Bug 283444).
  • Fixed importing of multi-line notes from Alexandria (Bug 289022).
  • Fixed bug with merging entries (Bug 289346).
  • Fixed bug with Cancel not working in the Entry Merge dialog.
  • Fixed broken script for searching Dark Horse Comics.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when using the scanner dialog.
  • Improved support for importing movies and music from Delicious Library.

Update: I didn't realize that I had added code to Tellico that effectively raised the minimum KDE version to 4.6. I didn't intend to do that. If you want to compile on KDE versions earlier than 4.6, please grab this patch.

Tellico 2.3.4 Released

Tellico 2.3.4 is available.


  • Added data sources for Google Book Search and
  • Added capability for searching French, Spanish, and German data from
  • Added importer for Goodreads collection.
  • Added icon cache for improved performance with large images (Patch from Pedro Miguel Carvalho, Bug: 272583)
  • Added UI controls for changing icon size (Patch from Pedro Miguel Carvalho, Bug: 250907).
  • Added shortcut keys for showing full-screen and hiding menubar (Patch from Pedro Miguel Carvalho, Bug: 251157).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with image link in Tri-Column report template (Bug: 272744)
  • Fixed crashing bug with CSV importer and changing delimiters
  • Fixed bug in year from data source
  • Fixed TMDB search for multiple person results
  • Updated filter rules to match against values without diacritics for "Contains" criteria (Bug: 222400)
  • Fixed showing a doubled filter count (Bug: 281082)
  • Fixed bug when editing month in the date widget in KDE 4.7 (Bug: 281365)

This is the first release I've made from the git tree, using the releaseme tool. So please let me know if there are packaging issues.

Update: Compilation fails using KDE 4.7 when the kdepimlibs library is not installed. Since kdepimlibs is supposed to be optional, this patch is needed for compilation.

Tellico Has Transitioned From Subversion to Git

Tellico has transitioned from using KDE's SVN repository to the GIT repository. The KDE system admins have set up a very nice infrastructure for the new project management. Tellico's project page is the top-level destination. The repository is available for browsing.

All releases, back to version 0.1 in 2001, are included and tagged, though I doubt the older versions will build. The git history goes all the way back to when Tellico moved into the KDE svn repository. There are no branches yet. I'll likely work on feature branches before merging them back into HEAD.

To download the source code in development:

git clone git://

Since there are some changes on the master branch, the most stable branch is 2.3.

git checkout 2.3

Then, the directions are the same as shown on the Tellico compilation instructions.

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