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Tellico makes it easy to track your books, videos, music, even your wine and anything else. A simple and intuitive interface shows cover images, groupings, and any detail you want. Grab information from many popular Internet sites, including,, and most libraries. More info...

Freebase and Open Library Data Sources Added

Two additional data sources have been added to Tellico. Freebase is a generalized database of just about any structured data anyone can add. Tellico can search Freebase for books, comic books, movies, music, video games, and board games. Open Library is a online book database that aims to have one page for every book ever published.

Both sites return data in the JSON format, so the QJson library is required when compiling. These data sources will be available in Tellico 2.3.



Tellico 2.2 Released

Tellico version 2.2 is available.


  • Enabled KOrganizer integration for adding loans to calendar (kdepimlibs required).
  • Enabled KAddressBook integration for adding borrowers from the address book (kdepimlibs required).
  • Improved performance for modifying many entries at once.
  • Added data source for Giant Bomb.
  • Added data source for The Movie DB.
  • Updated CrossRef data source to allow authentication via email only (Bug #224619).
  • Added option for disabling webcam support.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some hyphenation issues for 978 ISBN values.
  • Fixed bug in en_GB translation that affected file selection.
  • Fixed adding "link-only" files (Bug #220645).
  • Fixed Discogs track download and title search.
  • Fixed setting correct permissions of backup file (Bug #219259).
  • Fixed formatting of multiple people with auto-formatting (Bug #219268).
  • Fixed updating from Amazon to include book title or album title in search.
  • Fixed crashing bug for sorting during HTML export.
  • Fixed multiple selection in entry view (Bug #216122).

MusicBrainz and TheMovieDB Data Sources Added

Two new data sources have been added to Tellico. MusicBrainz provides data about music and TheMovieDB provides movie information.


Tellico 2.1.1 Released

Tellico 2.1.1, codenamed "Thanksgiving Travel", is available for download. Version 2.1.1 is a bug-fix release, and all users are encouraged to upgrade since there is a data loss bug in previous versions, related to loans and filters.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that kept filters and loans for being saved in some circumstances (Bug 214672).
  • Fixed crashing bug related to column sorting (Bug 214661).
  • Fixed crashing bug related to formatting table values.
  • Added sorting in search results dialog (Bug 214523).
  • Fixed sorting in list view when auto-formatting is changed.
  • Fixed webcam preview window to appear only for ISBN and EAN searches.
  • Updated allocine search script to version 0.7.
  • Fixed sorting in the icon view.
  • Updated IMDB search to include director and writer.
  • Fixed Polish ISBN formatting (Bug 215411).

Tellico 2.1 Released

Tellico 2.1, codenamed "Cincinnati Return", is available for download. Changes since version 2.0 include:


  • Added data source for searching
  • Added PAM/PRISM translator for SRU fetcher.
  • Changed Amazon and Crossref data sources to store passwords locally instead of in the KWallet.
  • Updated GCstar importing for video games and board games.
  • Added feature for exporting to GCstar format.
  • Updated ISBNdb and Discogs data sources to allow user access keys.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing bug with HTML export.
  • Fixed bug with auto-formatting for titles and names in the list view.
  • Fixed bug with saving and reloading view settings.
  • Fixed crashing bug when filtering entry with empty title.
  • Fixed compilation with KDE 4.1.
  • Fixed grouping to show empty groups.
  • Fixed filter updating after editing an entry.
  • Fixed bug with using multiple values in table columns.

Access using API has been added recently made available an interface for searching their wine database. As you can see from the screenshot, Tellico will support searching in the next release.

Tellico 2.0 Released

The Tellico development team (namely me) is pleased to announce the first release of Tellico for KDE4. Tellico 2.0 is available for download and includes many bug fixes and updates, in addition to being ported to the Qt4/KDE4 platform.


  • Project development was moved to the KDE extragear module.
  • The project homepage was updated to
  • The project mailing list was moved to tellico-users (at)
  • Project bug reports now use KDE's bugzilla server.
  • Tellico was relicensed under the terms of the GPL version 2 or version 3 or later versions approved by the membership of KDE e.V., as required by KDE svn policies.
  • KDE4 and Qt™4 are now required, with the earliest tested versions being Qt™ 4.4 and KDE 4.2.
  • Document loading for the Tellico (.tc) format was improved and should be much faster for large collections.
  • Image handling was refactored and should be significantly more robust.
  • Tellico now uses cmake for configuration.The equivalent to running configure in the top-level directory is to now run cmake . (where the period tells cmake to configure the current directory. Building in a non-src directory is recommended.
  • Support for sending citations to was removed.
  • Because of API changes, searching Amazon now requires each user to request a secret key from
  • The document syntax version has been bumped to 11, so if you save a file with this version of Tellico, older versions of Tellico will not open it.
  • Due to being a part of KDE's extragear module, the quantity and quality of the translations increased for both the user interface and the documentation.


  • Fields for automatically tracking the creation and modification date for each entry were added.
  • Dependent fields were improved to allow using them for any field type.
  • Adding multiple ISBN values now does correction for unmodified CueCat barcode readers.
  • Searching for multiple ISBN or LCCN values was enabled for SRU data sources.
  • The HTML export was updated to use country and language code both for sorting.

Bug Fixes

  • Webcam support was fixed to work with new Linux kernels. The libv4l library is required.
  • A bug that caused a crash with some large images was fixed.
  • HTML export was fixed to include correct image location.
  • Updating no longer appends new paragraph values [KDE #206759].
  • Minor bugs were fixed in the bibtex importer, Alexandria importer, and GCstar importer.
  • A significant number of unit tests were added to the development.

Current Issues

  • Downloading new scripts is currently disabled as KNewStuff2 doesn't yet support secure signatures.
  • Integration with KOrganizer is currently broken.

As always, please send your comments, questions, and bug reports to the mailing list.

Searching Amazon no longer works for Tellico 1.3.x has changed their data API to require that all searches be signed with a secret key, unique to each user. Tellico 2.0 for KDE4 supports the new method. However, most older versions (i.e. all versions of Tellico prior to 1.3.6) do not.

A quick backport of the fix was made for Tellico 1.3.6 for KDE3. Most distributions probably won't package it, since they've moved on to KDE4. Find it on the Download Page.

Tellico 2.0pre2 Released

Tellico 2.0pre2 is available. Since version 2.0pre1 was released, the following changes have been made:

  • The dependency on the QCA2 library was removed. It is no longer necessary for running Amazon searches.
  • Default fields for entry creation and modification date were added.
  • The documentation was updated.
  • A bug that caused a crash with some large images was fixed.
  • HTML export was fixed to include correct image location.
  • A crashing bug when creating loans was fixed.
  • Saving the visible columns and ordering was fixed.

None of the UI strings or documentation will change before the release of version 2.0. The string freeze will last at least two weeks.

There are still some existing issues that have not been tracked down. In some cases, the text below the icons is truncated. There appears to be an issue with searching Amazon for some search terms, still undetermined.

Bang on it as much as you like, please backup your data. Send your issues to the mailing list.

Tellico 2.0pre1 Released

OK, after long last, I'm reasonably sure that I have a version of Tellico that doesn't have major issues. So with that, I'm making tellico-2.0pre1.tar.bz2 available.

This release has not been tested by many people yet. If you are not comfortable trying pre-release software, don't. It may trash your home directory, kill all the whales, and take your dog hostage.

If you'd like to test it, please backup your data first!. The image handling and document loading were both significantly modified, and since they are the crucial components, you should have data backups. Along with that:

  • KDE4 and Qt™4 are required for the first time. I've been testing with KDE 4.2 and Qt™ 4.4, so I'm not quite sure how well Tellico works with other combinations. If you have a problem, please include version numbers in your email.
  • Tellico now uses cmake for configuration.The equivalent to running configure in the top-level directory is to now run cmake . (where the period tells cmake to configure the current directory.
  • The document syntax version has been bumped to 11, so if you save a file with this version of Tellico, older versions of Tellico will not open it. The main reason for the bump is that there are no longer Dependent fields. They became fields with derived values, which allow them to be any type of field, to make the sorting work better.
  • A while ago, I thought I might try to move Tellico to use a DB backend, such as MySQL or Postgresql, but I did not. This release is all about moving to KDE4.
  • Integration with the desktop address book and calendar for loans doesn't work.
  • Webcam support doesn't work, I don't think.
  • Support for sending citations to was removed.
  • Searching Amazon now requires a secret key from, and the QCA2 library.

If you decide to test it, please backup your data first!

Please let me know what problems you discover (but be nice!). I hope to get 2.0 released in a month or so, but remember this is a small hobby for me. I do have a number of other, higher priority, things in my life. :)

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