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Tellico makes it easy to track your books, videos, music, even your wine and anything else. A simple and intuitive interface shows cover images, groupings, and any detail you want. Grab information from many popular Internet sites, including,, and most libraries. More info...


What does the name Tellico have to do with anything?

I thought about several other names, a few of which were connected with book collections. However, Tellico can handle more than just books, and besides, this is a hobby, so I chose a neat-sounding (to me) name, one taken from a town close to where I grew up.

How do I add new entry templates?

Entry templates should be saved in $KDEHOME/share/apps/tellico/entry-templates/ for access for a single user or $KDEDIR/share/apps/tellico/entry-templates/ for access by everyone. Templates in $KDEHOME will override any files by the same name in $KDEDIRS. The entry templates can be set on a per collection-type basis in the settings dialog.

Templates for the Report Dialog are saved in $KDEHOME/share/apps/tellico/report-templates/.

Can I modify what the printed page looks like?

Find the file tellico-printing.xsl which should be in the $KDEDIR/share/apps/tellico/ directory. You can copy that to $KDEHOME/share/apps/tellico/ for personal modifications. You'll have to know XSLT, but modifying that file is how you change the printing layout. HTML is generated from the file, and the easiest way to change the appearance of the printout is to modify the CSS in the top portion.

Be aware that the tellico-printing.xsl references another file, tellico-common.xsl, that contains some common XSLT templates. If you copy tellico-printing.xsl to $KDEHOME, you must either modify the <xsl:import> element to point to the actual location of the tellico-common.xsl file or copy the common file as well.

Why do you include those links to in the search results?

The terms of agreement for accessing the Web Services require all images pulled from the service to be linked back to, as well as an additional link. The associate's ID is included, too.

Why don't you use a real database like MySQL?

Part of the reason I started Tellico was to learn C++. I didn't know SQL at the time, and at the moment, I only have a faint knowledge of how to use it. Simply put, Tellico didn't start out as a relational database, and that won't change until sometime in the future when I get around to learning SQL and have the time and motivation to change the data model. If that bothers you, well, don't use Tellico then.

Of course, anyone is welcome to make any changes they want to with the source code.

How do I export additional bibtex fields?

Tellico uses the bibtex property to know how to export bibtex fields. If you want to add additional fields to export, such as an abstract, open up the Collection Fields Dialog, and click the Set Properties button. Add a bibtex property with value abstract. Then, when you export to bibtex or bibtexml, that property will be used for the bibtex field name.

How do I change which columns are shown?

Right-click on the header bar. You can also drag the headers to re-order the columns, and click on them to sort by that field.

How do I group by a property other than the ones listed in the toolbar?

To allow grouping by a field which doesn't allow grouping by default, check the "Allow Grouping" box for that particular field in the "Collection Fields" dialog.

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