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Tellico 2.2 Released

Tellico version 2.2 is available.


  • Enabled KOrganizer integration for adding loans to calendar (kdepimlibs required).
  • Enabled KAddressBook integration for adding borrowers from the address book (kdepimlibs required).
  • Improved performance for modifying many entries at once.
  • Added data source for Giant Bomb.
  • Added data source for The Movie DB.
  • Updated CrossRef data source to allow authentication via email only (Bug #224619).
  • Added option for disabling webcam support.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some hyphenation issues for 978 ISBN values.
  • Fixed bug in en_GB translation that affected file selection.
  • Fixed adding "link-only" files (Bug #220645).
  • Fixed Discogs track download and title search.
  • Fixed setting correct permissions of backup file (Bug #219259).
  • Fixed formatting of multiple people with auto-formatting (Bug #219268).
  • Fixed updating from Amazon to include book title or album title in search.
  • Fixed crashing bug for sorting during HTML export.
  • Fixed multiple selection in entry view (Bug #216122).


I have tried to get this new version installed on Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 with less than spectacular results. Can someone help me in getting this to install under 9.10? Thanks....

Derek Tombrello

Re: Ubuntu?

I'm not very familiar with Ubuntu, but you may want to check out either
or the backports

Linux mint_Tellico1.3.5

Dear Robby,
i'm a complete newbie in this part of the forest. On installing Linux Mint (Helena) I found Tellico 1.3.5 and gave it a try, since I have a biggish (greater than 1K vols) library.

Having wandered round the forums and then found 2.1.1 and your notes about bug fixes, I uploaded it
to my Mint installation but can't seem to get it to install. Now I find that 2.2 is available.

My questions are:-
1) is 2.2 a better bet than 2.1.1?
2) having quite a chunk of data in 1.3.5, how do I protect that time investment while trying to get 2.2 installed and up and running, please?

Thank you for all your work on what seems to me to be a useful piece of software.


Hamish Wilson (

Re: Linux Mint

1) Version 2.2 has some fixes and improvements that version 2.1.1 doesn't have.
2) To backup your data file from Tellico 1.3.5, go to File->Export->Zip and make sure to include images. Then you can install a newer version and not worry about losing data.

Keep in mind that Tellico 2 is a KDE4 application, and Tellico 1.3.5 runs on KDE3. It's hard to tell what the current version of Tellico in the Linux Mint repositories is

I would really recommend trying the current package in the repository over trying to compile it yourself at the moment.

Preset table column entries

Up until a week or so ago I was able to open a new record in a custom Tellico file and see some predefined entries occupying the first column of a table field. I achieved this by putting the following as the 'Default value' in setting up the field:

Enter stats; Send index; Send invoice; Respond to feedback; Enter on website

However, this no longer seems to work and what I see now is a string of all the predefined entries occupying the top left-hand cell of the table. Is there some new delimiter which will have the effect I want now or has this feature been lost?

Otherwise Tellico is a fantastic program and I am delighted with it.

Thanks and regards,

Jon Jermey

Re: Preset table column entries

Hi Jon,

You're right. I changed the character used internally for row separation, in order to support having multiple values in a single cell. Tellico now uses the "Line Separator" character, U+2028. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to tell you to type that in as part of a default value. It depends on your text input settings.

Here's how I ended up doing it. I just pasted the character from emacs. :) In emacs, typing 'Alt-x ucs-insert' and then entering '2028' (without the quotes) gives me a weird looking character. I pasted that in the default box for the field, and that seemed to work.

You can probably find several other ways of doing. Sorry to have caused this inconvenience, it shouldn't ever change again. :)