Tellico 3.5.4 Released

Tellico 3.5.4 is available, with a few fixes.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with opening help from the config dialog (Bug 479591).
  • Updated Open Library source to search for comics (Bug 479506).
  • Fixed bug with filter dialog buttons (Bug 479771).
  • Fixed display bug with entry status (Bug 479843).
  • Fixed bug for entry selection after changing group field (Bug 480297).
  • Fixed DVDFr searches with title accents.
  • Updated FilmAffinity data source.

Working Build With KDE Frameworks 6

With KDE’s Frameworks 6 being released recently, I’ve been working on getting Tellico to compile with it. It didn’t actually take too much work since I’ve been gradually porting away from any deprecated functions in Qt5.

There’s plenty to do to make sure everything is fully functional and has the correct appearance. But I’m hopeful to have a release soon. At the moment, the master branch compiles with either KF5/Qt5 or KF6/Qt6.

Tellico With KF6

Tellico 3.5.2 Released

Tellico 3.5.2 is available, with a few new features and fixes.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Tellico 3.5.1 Released

Tellico 3.5.1 is available, with a few new features.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added support for using OPDS catalogs as data sources (Bug 468698).
  • Added support for reading images from data urls.
  • Added support to save entry template config for custom collections.
  • Fixed including the Image Grid template in the package.

Tellico 3.5 Released

Tellico 3.5 is available, with several new features, updated data sources, and bug fixes. I expect this to be the last major release before transitioning to Qt6 and KDE Frameworks 6.


  • Colnect can now be searched for comic book, sports cards, and video game results.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • A command-line option for importing PDF files was added.
  • An explicit filter rule for Bool fields was added.
  • Allowing regular expressions in the quick filter became an option (Bug 450517).
  • A transparent background is now used in the initial view (Bug 461777).
  • The https scheme is now supported for SRU sources (Bug 463438).
  • The active filter is retained when selecting an entry (Bug 462337).
  • Support for reading EPUB files with KFileMetaData was added (Bug 450192).
  • The link color for entry templates can now be configured (Bug 467150).
  • The SRU and z39.50 information for the US Library of Congress was updated.

Please do let me know of any regressions in functionality, compilation problems, bug in the behavior, or suggestions for improvement!

New Overlay Templates

I created a new Entry Template which uses the main image as a background and overlays a table of the information on top. You can download these directly from within Tellico from the Templates section of the configuration. Click the Download… button at the bottom.

Or you can see them directly at the KDE Store. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Importing From Gnome Comics Organizer

I noticed a thread on the Linux Mint forums from a user of gco, the GNOME Comics Organizer, who gave Tellico a try. Since gco used an XML-based file format, it’s relatively easy to create a translator to import the file into Tellico. So if you have a gco file and want to give it a shot in Tellico:

  1. Download the gco2tellico.xsl file
  2. In Tellico, select File→Import…→Import XSL Transform…
  3. Select the gco data file
  4. In the dialog box, select the location of the gco2tellico.xsl file
  5. Import!

I also noticed that one of the questions is related to sorting the issues in the Group View. Right-click on a group or entry item, then select Sort ByIssue. Done!

The caveat coming from gco is that comic volumes were used as the top-level entity, with issues added to each volume. In Tellico, the comic issue is the basic entry, and the volume title is entered as the Series. I know that’s less than ideal, but it happens to be the way Tellico is set up now.