Tellico 3.5.4 – 23 March 2024

  • Fixed bug with opening help from the config dialog (Bug 479591).
  • Updated Open Library source to search for comics (Bug 479506).
  • Fixed bug with filter dialog buttons (Bug 479771).
  • Fixed display bug with entry status (Bug 479843).
  • Fixed bug for entry selection after changing group field (Bug 480297).
  • Fixed DVDFr searches with title accents.
  • Updated FilmAffinity data source.

Tellico 3.5.3 – 01 January 2024

  • Improved some entry matching heuristics when updating from other sources.
  • Updated the author search for the Open Library data source.
  • Updated Kino-Teatr data source.
  • Fixed compilation for versions of KDE Frameworks < 5.94.
  • Fixed layout bug in Fancy template for custom collections with no image.

Tellico 3.5.2 – 23 October 2023

Tellico 3.5.1 – 3 July 2023

  • Added support for using OPDS catalogs as data sources (Bug 468698).
  • Added support for reading images from data urls.
  • Added support to save entry template config for custom collections.

Tellico 3.5 – 12 May 2023

  • New data sources for FilmAffinity, iTunes Search, and Gaming History were added.
  • Colnect can now be searched for comic books, sports cards, and video game results.
  • Screenshots were added to results from IGDB, MobyGames, and TheGamesDB.
  • The data sources for AMS Mathematical Review, Dark Horse Comics, KinoPoisk, and IBS were updated.
  • The label catalog number is an option for Discogs results (Bug 452548).
  • Importing DataCrow files in exported XML format was added (Bug 451138).
  • Collections can now be saved as empty template files, for later reuse (Bug 450043).
  • New reports with an Image Grid and single entry per page were added (Bug 452552).
  • A command-line option for importing PDF files was added.
  • An explicit filter rule for Bool fields was added.
  • Allowing regular expressions in the quick filter became an option (Bug 450517).
  • A transparent background is now used in the initial view (Bug 461777).
  • The https scheme is now supported for SRU sources (Bug 463438).
  • The active filter is retained when selecting an entry (Bug 462337).
  • Support for reading EPUB files with KFileMetaData was added (Bug 450192).
  • The link color for entry templates can now be configured (Bug 467150).
  • The SRU and z39.50 information for the US Library of Congress was updated.

Tellico 3.4.6 – 21 January 2023

  • Increased maximum icon size to 512.
  • Updated IMDb data source.
  • Fixed fallback to https scheme in SRU data source (Bug 463438).
  • Fixed bug with timing of multisource config read (Bug 461861).
  • Fixed edit dialog resizing (Bug 462237).

Tellico 3.4.5 – 16 November 2022

  • Fixed display for large reports (Bug 461391).
  • Updated the ESRB rating from TheGamesDB data source.
  • Fixed image path for exporting GCstar file (Bug 453075).
  • Fixed file installation for KDE Frameworks 5.100.
  • Updated CSV importer to remember previous delimiters.
  • Updated the IMDb data source to include the composer (Bug 450618).

Tellico 3.4.4 – 16 February 2022

  • Fixed bug with serializing code points with surrogate pairs (Bug 449244).
  • Fixed bug with the internet search dialog layout (Bug 449636).
  • Fixed bug with the taskbar icon on Wayland (Bug 450180).
  • Updated the Discogs keyword search to show accurate results.

Tellico 3.4.3 – 2 January 2022

  • The data source was updated (Bug 447435).
  • The Album template was improved to account for possible changes in the Tracks field
  • Fixed bug with opening target=_blank links (Bug 445871).
  • Fixed crashing bug in audio file importer (Bug 446551).

Tellico 3.4.2 – 8 November 2021

  • A new data source for RPGGeek was added.
  • The TheTVDB,,, kino-teatr, and IMDb data sources were updated.
  • The BoardGameGeek data source now uses larger images, when configured.
  • The TheMovieDB data source now allows user-entered language selection.
  • The Discogs data source can now continue searches when more results are available.
  • Context menu actions were added to copy and save images (Bug 443897).
  • All entry and report templates were updated to HTML5.
  • Invalid XML characters are no longer saved and no longer break loading (Bug 443845).
  • Recursive audio file metadata importing now works correctly and metadata import was expanded.
  • Importing string macros from an empty bibtex file now works correctly (Bug 440652).
  • Undo now works after appending a new collection.
  • A DBUS command for importing PDF files was added.
  • A crashing bug when importing some PDF files was fixed.

Tellico 3.4.1 – 9 May 2021

  • A new data source for TheTVDB was added.
  • A new Year Distribution chart was added to the available reports.
  • The TMDb data source was improved to search for TV series.
  • Charts can now be saved as .png files in addition to being printed.
  • The DBUS interface for installing templates now returns a reply to indicate success.
  • The DBC, Filmaster, and KinoPoisk data sources were updated.
  • Image loading now attempts to account for orientation metadata (Bug 436683).
  • Relative links are now handled correctly from the Entry View (Bug 436071).

Tellico 3.4 – 14 March 2021

  • New data sources for UPCitemdb, TVmaze, and Numista were added.
  • Colnect can now be searched for stamp results.
  • Barcode searching and updating was added to DVDfr, Discogs and MusicBrainz.
  • The Group View can now be sorted by fields other than the title.
  • The MultiFetcher data source was improved to “daisy-chain” results from multiple sources, merging them together. For example, a UPC search with UPCitemdb could be connected such that the result has additional information from TMDb.
  • Entries can now be filtered using minimum or maximum image size.
  • Importing from the Collectorz software family was added.
  • Graphical chart reports were added (requires compiling with QtCharts).
  • The default toolbar layout for adding new entries to the collection was finally changed.
  • Data sources for Douban, Discogs, MusicBrainz, IGDB, OMDb, TheGamesDB, and TMDb were updated.
  • Overall, the entry updating and merging was also improved to both make a better search request as well as match existing results more efficiently.
  • Batch searching was added for ISBNdb.
  • The AnimeNFO data source was removed.
  • PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X were added to the list of default game platforms.
  • The entry and report templates were improved for mobile layouts.
  • A crashing bug on Windows was fixed (Bug 422468).
  • The “Filter by Group” command was again improved to better match table fields.
  • Tellico will now build against QtWebEngine instead of KHTML, if available, since KHTML is deprecated.
  • Bibtex parsing with the included btparse library is now a compile-time option, which allows Tellico to build with MSVC.

Tellico 3.3.5 – 23 February 2021

  • Template colors are automatically updated when the style or palette is changed.
  • Correct reading of audio file metadata and .directory information (Bug 429803).
  • Updated “Filter by Group” to properly match table fields.

Tellico 3.3.4 – 25 November 2020

  • Added barcode searching to MusicBrainz data source (Bug 429483).
  • Added barcode searching to Discogs data source.
  • Fixed text color in Group View for some dark themes (Bug 429475).
  • Fixed crashing bug when checking in loans (Bug 426815).

Tellico 3.3.3 – 13 September 2020

  • Improved the Entrez (Pubmed) data source to use an API key when available and to honor the rate limit.
  • Improved the ISDBdb data source to search for multiple ISBN values (Bug 415883).
  • Fixed Amazon data source (Bug 425129).
  • Updated DBC Open Search data source.
  • Fixed regression for creation date in duplicated entries (Bug 422127).
  • Fixed column header visibility after reordering fields (Bug 422298).
  • Fixed focus issue in entry editor dialog (Bug 343702).

Tellico 3.3.2 – 7 August 2020

Tellico 3.3.1 – 31 May 2020

  • Updated filter dialog to allow matching against empty text.
  • Updated script for Dark Horse comics data source.
  • Fixed bug with creation date for duplicated entries (Bug 422127).
  • Fixed error in ISO-5426 conversion (Bug 420451).
  • Fixed compilation with Qt versions back to 5.9.

Tellico 3.3 – 22 April 2020

  • Added new coin collection data source from Colnect.
  • Updated GiantBomb data source.
  • Updated data source
  • Updated data source.
  • Updated Kinopoisk (КиноПоиск) data source.
  • Updated Kino-Teatr (Кино-Театр) data source.
  • Updated BiblioShare data source.
  • Updated TheGamesDB data source.
  • Updated Amazon data source. Access keys must be regenerated by users.
  • Updated MobyGames data source.
  • Improved z39.50 data source to allow separate character encoding for queries and responses (Bug 419670).
  • Improved the audio file importing to include Album Artist (Bug 419348).
  • Added PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X to recognized video game platforms.
  • Fixed bug with writing invalid XML names (Bug 418067).
  • Updated AlloCiné and MusicBrainz data sources to provide notification that user agents must be enabled (Bug 419309).
  • Improved MobyGames data source to cache platform data, allow user selection of image size, pass through error messages, and use more efficient API calls (Bug 416718).
  • Improved the ISO-5426 character converter.
  • Updated python scripts to work in python2 or python3.

Tellico 3.2.3 – 25 November 2019

  • Fixed performance regression when loading data file.

Tellico 3.2.2 – 9 November 2019

  • Added importer for JSON collection files (Bug 411095).
  • Fixed bug with calculating relative file links (Bug 410551).
  • Fixed bug to revert to behavior of selecting newly added entries (Bug 413217).
  • Fixed compilation on KF 5.61 and Qt 5.13.

Tellico 3.2.1 – 9 July 2019

  • Added a data source for
  • Updated data source.
  • Removed optional dependency on QImageBlitz library.
  • Fixed selection bug when modifying an unselected entry (Bug 391614).
  • Fixed bug for the status bar to respond when canceling an entry update (Bug 325591).
  • Fixed file preview generation for file collections.
  • Improved normalization of video game platform names.
  • Remember state of the locked layout setting between sessions.

Tellico 3.2 – 25 May 2019

Tellico 3.1.4 – 20 December 2018

Tellico 3.1.3 – 3 September 2018

Tellico 3.1.2 – 28 March 2018

Tellico 3.1.1 – 15 January 2018

  • Updated data source.
  • Updated Internet Game Database ( data source.
  • Updated Internet Movie Database ( data source.
  • Removed deprecated data source.
  • Fixed bug with OMDB settings not being saved (Bug 388703).
  • Fixed bug with filter selection (Bug 387130).
  • Fixed bug with multi-selection and entry editing (Bug 387053).
  • Fixed bug with incorrect entry titles in icon view and multiple entry icons (Bug 386548).
  • Fixed bug for “losing” icons after modifying a collection (Bug 386549).
  • Fixed bug with duplicated colons in CSV importer (Bug 386483).
  • Improved “Filter by Group” to use a regular expression (Bug 386011).
  • Updated Goodreads importer.

Tellico 3.1 – 14 October 2017

  • Added data source for
  • Added data source for Internet Game Database (
  • Added data source for
  • Added message dialog for Amazon Associate warnings (Bug 364784).
  • Added DBUS option for filtering exported entries (Bug 382035).
  • Improved performance for filtering large collections.
  • Switched from using libdiscid to libcdio for improved performance for reading Audio CDs and CD-Text.
  • Fixed crashing bugs with remote image loading (Bug 382572, Bug 379607, Bug 384104).
  • Fixed bug with showing stars in column view for float values (Bug 384547).
  • Fixed building with CMake 3.9+ (Bug 382680)
  • Fixed bug of running out of memory when writing very large XML files (Bug 380832).
  • Fixed bug with some icons not being shown (Bug 378477).
  • Removed deprecated Freebase data source.
  • Fixed track length for CD audio (Bug 379426).
  • Fixed bug showing icons for custom collection (Bug 378852).
  • Added PEGI rating to GiantBomb results (Bug 375996).

Tellico 3.0.2 – 27 March 2017

Tellico 3.0.1 – 20 February 2017

  • Updated MARCXML2MODS stylesheet to version 3.6.
  • Added ESRB rating for “Everyone 10+” (Bug 375995).
  • Updated DBLP data source.
  • Fixed bug with truncated first two characters of root folder when importing a file listing (Bug 373918).
  • Fixed bug with Rating drawing size in list view (Bug 372560).
  • Fixed Google Scholar data source.
  • Fixed Bibsys z39.50 settings (Bug 375758).
  • Fixed “Report Bug” menu item to link to (Bug 375760).
  • Fixed image open dialog to remember last location (Bug 376002).
  • Fixed relative file locations in HTML export (Bug 376002).
  • Removed defunct Microsoft Academic Search data source.

Tellico 2.3.12 – 29 January 2017

  • Improved performance when deleting many entries.
  • Added native data source for
  • Fixed “Defaults” button in Collection Fields dialog (Bug 357637)
  • Fixed filter comparison with custom dates (Bug 361625).
  • Fixed crashing bug with empty table rows (Bug 361622).
  • Use elided text in Choice combobox to avoid wide windows (Bug 362028).
  • Fixed bug with image directory name with multiple periods (Bug 348088).
  • Fixed bug with changing image directory when using “Save as…”.
  • Fixed Google Scholar data source.

Tellico 3.0 – 8 November 2016

  • Switched to KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt5.
  • Added support for user-defined SRU queries
  • Changed UI to include switchable view between icons and detailed list
  • Updated data source for
  • Improved merging performance for comic books
  • Improved performance for deleting many entries at once
  • Improved performance for merging large collections
  • Removed the defunct Yahoo! data source
  • Removed the defunct Citebase fetcher
  • Removed the PilotDB exporter (!)
  • Switched to libdiscid for reading audio CD info
  • Updated the internal libcsv version to 3.0.3
  • Added menu items for each Url field in icon view (Bug 250913).
  • Fixed bug for overly wide dialog box (Bug 362028)
  • Fixed crashing bug with some empty table values (Bug 361622)
  • Fixed bug with zero-padding in filter dates (Bug 361625)

Tellico 2.3.11 – 6 December 2015

  • Improved support for importing PDF files from Science Direct.
  • Enabled optional build support for QImageBlitz library.
  • Fixed scrolling problem with large tables (Bug 348189).
  • Fixed HTML exported titles with quotation marks (Bug 348381).
  • Fixed crashing bug with file listing importer (Bug 345458).
  • Fixed crashing bug with importing MODS files with external fetcher.
  • Fixed accelerator key conflict (Bug 351226).
  • Fixed bug with image importing for Discogs data source.

Tellico 2.3.10 – 15 February 2015

  • Updated Discogs fetcher to new API (Bug 342827).
  • Updated Moviemeter fetcher to new API.
  • Added filter rules for Greater than and Less than numbers.
  • Updated BoardGameGeek fetcher to new API.
  • Added capability to import a BoardGameGeek collection.
  • Added a data source for Mathematical Reviews.
  • Fixed crashing bug with some ISBNdb results (Bug 339063).
  • Updated Producer results for IMDb and TheMovieDB fetchers (Bug 336765).
  • Fixed bug with Allocine API search using punctuation (Bug 337432).
  • Fixed bug with importing Goodreads collection.

Tellico 2.3.9 – 22 June 2014

  • Improved GCstar import and export to handle custom GCstar fields.
  • Updated TheMovieDB fetcher to API version 3.
  • Fixed bug with writing link-only images in HTML exporter (Bug 330649).
  • Fixed character encoding in Allocine fetcher (Bug 334527).
  • Removed IMDb country choice since it’s now unavailable (Bug 330641).
  • Fixed CSV importer bug, causing a hang (Bug 329677, Debian Bug 729503).
  • Fixed crashing bug in IMDB fetcher (Bug 330591).
  • Fixed crashing bug in command-line importing (Debian Bug 729499).
  • Corrected user dialog text with Google Book Search results (Bug 323475).
  • Fixed error in setting modified date for entry in certain cases (Bug 326911).
  • Updated IMDb fetcher for website changes (Bug 325673).

Tellico 2.3.8 – 7 July 2013

  • Updated fetcher to use v2 of API.
  • Updated GiantBomb fetcher for XML changes in responses.
  • Added to MusicBrainz data source.
  • Updated Allocine fetcher for website changes.
  • Added fetcher for
  • Added Dewey Decimal and LCC to results.
  • Added Bibtex importing for drag/drop text (Bug 319182).
  • Fixed Entrex/Pubmed fetcher for summary requests (Bug 319501).
  • Fixed bug with retaining allowed values when adding entries from data sources (Bug 317905).
  • Fixed bug with not properly escaping text in CSV exporter (Bug 317473).
  • Fixed regexp in Google Scholar fetcher to set cookie (Bug 316550).
  • Fixed character encoding in IMDB results list (Bug 314113).
  • Fixed crashing bug with OpenLibrary and DVDfr fetcher (Bug 319681).
  • Fixed memory leak when updating entries (Bug 316449).

Tellico 2.3.7 – 23 January 2013

  • Added data sources for and
  • Added import capability for VinoXML files.
  • Added capability to enter Google API key for book search.
  • Fixed a bug with adding new fields when importing bibtex (Bug 304767).
  • Updated the IMDB fetcher.
  • Corrected character encoding and title data for DVDfr search.
  • Corrected actor and role results from Allocine search.
  • Improved the Delicious Library importer.
  • Fixed a bug with editing the toolbar configuration in KDE 4.9.2+.
  • Fixed a bug with a number field not detecting a modified value (Bug 313304).
  • Fixed a bug that caused loans to fail to get checked-in (Bug 307958).

Tellico 2.3.6 – 14 July 2012

Tellico 2.3.5 – 15 January 2012

  • Added data sources for China, Spain, and Italy.
  • Added filter rules for dates before and after.
  • Updated GCstar exporter to include images.
  • Updated Discogs fetcher to use API v2.
  • Updated fetcher to use API v2.
  • Updated fetcher for
  • Fixed bug that always showed checkmark for boolean field values (Bug 283444).
  • Fixed importing of multi-line notes from Alexandria (Bug 289022).
  • Fixed bug with merging entries (Bug 289346).
  • Fixed bug with Cancel not working in the Entry Merge dialog.
  • Fixed broken script for searching Dark Horse Comics.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when using the scanner dialog.
  • Improved support for importing movies and music from Delicious Library.

Tellico 2.3.4 – 25 September 2011

  • Added data sources for Google Book Search and
  • Added capability for searching French, Spanish, and German data from
  • Added importer for Goodreads collection.
  • Added icon cache for improved performance with large images (Patch from Pedro Miguel Carvalho, Bug: 272583)
  • Added UI controls for changing icon size (Patch from Pedro Miguel Carvalho, Bug: 250907).
  • Added shortcut keys for showing full-screen and hiding menubar (Patch from Pedro Miguel Carvalho, Bug: 251157).
  • Fixed bug with image link in Tri-Column report template (Bug: 272744)
  • Fixed crashing bug with CSV importer and changing delimiters
  • Fixed bug in year from data source
  • Fixed TMDB search for multiple person results
  • Updated filter rules to match against values without diacritics for “Contains” criteria (Bug: 222400)
  • Fixed showing a doubled filter count (Bug: 281082)
  • Fixed bug when editing month in the date widget in KDE 4.7 (Bug: 281365)

Tellico 2.3.3 – 10 April 2011

  • Added data sources for Filmaster and Douban.
  • Added capability for importing ADS format from z39.50 sources.
  • Added check for duplicate Bibtex keys (Bug: 245225)
  • Added manga search for
  • Improved performance for loading and sorting large collections.
  • Fixed parsing bug for some IMDb results (Bug: 262036)
  • Fixed parsing bug for empty table values (Bug: 261108)
  • Fixed parsing bug with results.
  • Fixed bug when editing existing filters (Bug: 268829)
  • Fixed crashing bug for editing some values (Bug: 269044)
  • Fixed bug with loans not being updated for removed entries (Bug: 270129)
  • Fixed build for Linux kernel 2.6.38+ when using newer libv4l library.
  • Fixed build with GCC 4.6.

Tellico 2.3.2 – 12 December 2010

  • Fixed bug with list view settings not being saved between sessions (Bug 256373)
  • Fixed bug with updating groups for derived values (Bug 256374)
  • Made Nepomuk support optional
  • Added cover art support for MusicBrainz source
  • Fixed Google Scholar data source to properly fetch Bibtex
  • Fixed bug with FreeDB results not using track artists (Bug 258541)
  • Fixed bug with importing Bibtex file with keyword and keywords fields (Bug 258269)
  • Fixed sorting multiple numeric values in column view
  • Fixed sorting for numeric values in group view
  • Updated Allocine script to version 0.7.3 (Bug 258281)
  • Updated Bibtex importer to translate non-breaking spaces

Tellico 2.3.1 – 6 November 2010

  • Fixed the Edit Dialog to have consistent behavior when discarding edits (Bug 255938).
  • Fixed issue in Italian translation that caused an error for HTML export (Bug 254863).
  • Updated the IMDb search for new layout (Bug 253549).
  • Updated Freebase search for new music schema.
  • Changed HTML output for URL fields to truncate link text (Bug 250880).
  • Improved the matching algorithm for updating entries when multiple good matches exist (Bug 250886).
  • Fixed crash with searching z39.50 servers (Bug 250795).
  • Updated GCstar plugin reader to use a separate thread for speed and robustness.
  • Improved GCstar import and export for wine and comic book collections.
  • Fixed bug with adding new fields during CSV import.
  • Updated the DTD to match recent changes in collection fields.
  • Fixed filter view to apply filter when item is selected (Bug 248657).
  • Updated the export dialog to allow limiting the number of exported fields (Bug 246390).
  • Added data source for searching
  • Added options in the CSV importer and exporter to read and control table delimiters.
  • Increased the maximum visible cover icon size to 256 pixels.

Tellico 2.3 – 8 August 2010

  • Added data sources for OpenLibrary and Freebase. Both require the QJson library.
  • Added new fetcher for combining results from multiple sources
  • Added filter for collection type to data source list
  • Added clear button for rating widget (Bug: 227982)
  • Changed Amazon Japan video search to include DVDs
  • Added Dewey Decimal and LoC Classification to z3950 MODS import.
  • Changed entry ID values to start with 1 instead of 0
  • Fixed sorting by rating when rating has double digits (Bug: 246202)
  • Fixed IMDb matching on partial titles (Bug: 245665)
  • Fixed IMDb fetching of audio track and color (Bug: 244159)
  • Fixed metadata import for file listing
  • Updated BoardGameGeek fetcher for new API
  • Updated Allocine fetcher for new website format (Bug: 235901)
  • Fixed crashing bug for loading images whose size exceeded the cache size
  • Control characters are now stripped from all text files on import (Bug: 231302)
  • Fixed selection bug when duplicating an entry (Bug: 231125)
  • Fixed crash in exporting HTML for collections with no grouping field (Bug: 231302)
  • Fixed bug that showed info dialog multiple times when changing image location
  • Fixed crash in CSV importer
  • Fixed copy/paste for the entry view (Bug: 224580)
  • Fixed paragraph fields to show HTML code in the editor dialog

Tellico 2.2 – 14 February 2010

  • Enabled KOrganizer integration for adding loans to calendar (kdepimlibs required).
  • Enabled KAddressBook integration for adding borrowers from the address book (kdepimlibs required).
  • Improved performance for modifying many entries at once.
  • Added data source for Giant Bomb.
  • Added data source for The Movie DB.
  • Updated CrossRef data source to allow authentication via email only (Bug #224619).
  • Added option for disabling webcam support.
  • Fixed some hyphenation issues for 978 ISBN values.
  • Fixed bug in en_GB translation that affected file selection.
  • Fixed adding “link-only” files (Bug #220645).
  • Fixed Discogs track download and title search.
  • Fixed setting correct permissions of backup file (Bug #219259).
  • Fixed formatting of multiple people with auto-formatting (Bug #219268).
  • Fixed updating from Amazon to include book title or album title in search.
  • Fixed crashing bug for sorting during HTML export.
  • Fixed multiple selection in entry view (Bug #216122).

Tellico 2.1.1 – 20 November 2009

  • Fixed bug that kept filters and loans for being saved in some circumstances (Bug 214672).
  • Fixed crashing bug related to column sorting (Bug 214661).
  • Fixed crashing bug related to formatting table values.
  • Added sorting in search results dialog (Bug 214523).
  • Fixed sorting in list view when auto-formatting is changed.
  • Fixed webcam preview window to appear only for ISBN and EAN searches.
  • Updated allocine search script to version 0.7.
  • Fixed sorting in the icon view.
  • Updated IMDB search to include director and writer.
  • Fixed Polish ISBN formatting (Bug 215411).

Tellico 2.1 – 2 November 2009

  • Added data source for searching
  • Added PAM/PRISM translator for SRU fetcher.
  • Changed Amazon and Crossref data sources to store passwords locally instead of in the KWallet.
  • Updated GCstar importing for video games and board games.
  • Added feature for exporting to GCstar format.
  • Updated ISBNdb and Discogs data sources to allow user access keys.
  • Fixed crashing bug with HTML export.
  • Fixed bug with auto-formatting for titles and names in the list view.
  • Fixed bug with saving and reloading view settings.
  • Fixed crashing bug when filtering entry with empty title.
  • Fixed compilation with KDE 4.1.
  • Fixed grouping to show empty groups.
  • Fixed filter updating after editing an entry.
  • Fixed bug with using multiple values in table columns.

Tellico 2.0 – 20 September 2009

  • Tellico was relicensed under the terms of the GPL version 2 or version 3 or later versions approved by the membership of KDE e.V..
  • KDE4 and Qt4 are now required.
  • Document loading for the Tellico (.tc) format was improved and should be much faster for large collections.
  • Image handling was refactored and should be significantly more robust.
  • Tellico now uses cmake for configuration.
  • Support for sending citations to was removed.
  • Because of API changes, searching Amazon now requires each user to request a secret key from
  • The document syntax version has been bumped to 11, so if you save a file with this version of Tellico, older versions of Tellico will not open it.
  • Fields for automatically tracking the creation and modification date for each entry were added.
  • Dependent fields were improved to allow using them for any field type.
  • Adding multiple ISBN values now does correction for unmodified CueCat barcode readers.
  • Searching for multiple ISBN or LCCN values was enabled for SRU data sources.
  • The HTML export was updated to use country and language code both for sorting.
  • Webcam support was fixed to work with new Linux kernels. The libv4l library is required.
  • A bug that caused a crash with some large images was fixed.
  • HTML export was fixed to include correct image location.
  • Updating no longer appends new paragraph values [KDE #206759].
  • Minor bugs were fixed in the bibtex importer, Alexandria importer, and GCstar importer.
  • A significant number of unit tests were added to the development.

Tellico 1.3.5 – 14 February 2009

  • Updated entry updating to not combine multiple values.
  • Fixed CueCat decoder to work for UPC and ISBN values.
  • Updated Delicious Library 1 importer to handle movies and games.
  • Fixed query bug with z39.50 ISBN searches.
  • Fixed Ubuntu bug 317822, don’t mark collection modified when image is found in local data directory.
  • Added date, time, and username as available params to XSLT export.
  • Added patch from Jake Maciejewski to fix JavaScript sorting.
  • Fixed crash when exporting to small Alexandria collections.
  • Updated search dialog to open edit box for multiple ISBN search automatically.
  • Added various small performance tweaks.
  • Added option for using SAX loading instead of DOM loading. Still experimental, use --enable-sax.

Tellico 1.3.4 – 13 September 2008

  • Updated IMDb import.
  • Improved drag/drop to match on file extension.
  • Added (minimal) searching for board games from Amazon.
  • Fixed bug with linked images in HTML reports.
  • Fixed CSV import error for consecutive white-space.

Tellico 1.3.3 – 9 July 2008

  • Fixed bug with file catalogs to properly match on file location
  • Changed Arxiv fetcher to remove ID version number from results
  • Updated drag-and-drop to allow HTTP urls, i.e. dragging bibtex file from browser
  • Updated Porbase in z39.50 server list
  • Fixed copy() for text selection in main entry view

Tellico – 24 May 2008

  • Fixed broken en_GB translation

Tellico 1.3.2 – 23 May 2008

  • Added languages and editors to search.
  • Fixed PubMed search to use UTF-8, and to include all keywords.
  • Updated MODS import to improve importing from refbase and wikindx.
  • Updated XML file loading to remove duplicates and ignore white-space.
  • Added LCCN validation and multiple LCCN searching from z39.50 sources.
  • Improved IMDb search results.
  • Updated entry creation to always add default values.
  • Updated MODS conversion to add Canadian LCC values.

Tellico 1.3.1 – 10 March 2008

  • Added data source for, a database for musical albums, including vinyl
  • Added data source for Google Scholar
  • Added LCCN search to z39.50 and SRU sources
  • Added DOI search to Pubmed source
  • Updated CrossRef source to use new unixref format for more data
  • Improved loading performance to delay loading linked images as long as possible
  • Updated Delicious Library importer to look for cover images
  • Updated BoardGameGeek source to grab cover image, patch from Sven Werlen
  • Fixed bug that prevented bibtex from working for external application sources
  • Changed “ISBN not found” dialog to only appear when searching for multiple values
  • Fixed bug with SRU format not getting remembered in config dialog
  • Fixed bug with entries with multiple titles not getting linked correctly in HTML export
  • Fixed bug with some free-form date fields getting formatted incorectly into empty strings
  • Fixed bibtex import for keywords field

Tellico 1.3 – 29 January 2008

  • Added board game collection, and data source for BoardGameGeek, using patch from Steve Beattie (requires ruby).
  • Added data source for using any GCstar plugin
  • Added importers for Griffith, Referencer and Delicious Library
  • Added importer for PDF files, using the exempi and poppler libraries (optional)
  • Added drag & drop for importing PDF, bibtex, and RIS files
  • Added DOI field and searching,, Bibsonomy, and
  • Added command for merging multiple entries, based on a patch from Cyril Dangerville
  • Updated CSV importer, IMDb fetcher, and Spanish Ministry of Culture script
  • Added option to save image files in a local directory relative to data file
  • Added option to save a link to an image file instead of copying it
  • Extended the DCOP interface to allow more scripting, including adding and modifying entries
  • Experimental barcode scanning with a webcam (use --enable-webcam for the configure script). See Sebastian’s website about his patch for more details.
  • Added Ukrainian translation, from Serhij Dubyk Сергій Дубик

Tellico 1.2.14 – 22 September 2007

  • Improved entry updating to work with all collection types.
  • Added MARCXML to allowed SRU search formats.
  • Fixed bug with MARC stylesheets to work better with embedded XML records.
  • Fixed bug with z39.50 search that hid some results.
  • Updated JavaScript and CSS in HTML export.
  • Updated search, also allows comic book searches.
  • Updated search to allow comic books.
  • Updated GCstar importer for new GCstar document format.
  • Updated script to version 0.4, from Mathias Monnerville.
  • Updated Spanish Ministry of Culture search script, patch from Leopold Palomo Avellaneda.
  • Fixed problem with settings not being saved on Fedora.

Tellico 1.2.13 – 28 July 2007

  • Fixed crashing bug when modifying fields for a collection with loans.
  • Fixed bug with namespace handling for loading Tellico XML files.
  • Added spell-checking for text fields.
  • Added importer for GCstar data files.
  • Added compatibility with yaz3.
  • Added Copac and National Library of Lithuania to z39.50 server list.

Tellico 1.2.12 – 4 July 2007

  • Fixed potential recursion bug for dependent fields.
  • Fixed bug that didn’t write image size options when printing.
  • Added Turkish translation, thanks to Ali Isingor and Kunter Kutlu.
  • Added ‘%’ to bibtex translation table for comment escaping.
  • Bumped automake requirement to version 1.8 or later for macro to work.
  • Fixed HTML export to not rewrite file location for files referenced in the XSL file which don’t exist.
  • Fixed Column View report to sort numerically when needed.
  • Fixed Date fields to suppress empty date values.
  • Fixed Date comparisons to work for single digits, patch from Jake Maciejewski.
  • Fixed Fields Dialog to show warnings when clicking Ok.
  • Changed Quick Filter to split words on whitespace.
  • Fixed bug with z39.50 search freezing intermittently.

Tellico 1.2.11 – 8 May 2007

  • Improved save time by caching image info on load.
  • Fixed crashing bug for connection.
  • Fixed bug that could lose images when loading from XML.
  • Fixed sorting for Dependent fields to match on subfields.
  • Updated IMDb search.
  • Fixed CDDB lookup for OpenBSD, patch from Marc Espie.

Tellico 1.2.10 – 7 April 2007

  • Fixed crashing bug when undoing collection import.
  • Fixed hanging bug when stopping a z39.50 search.
  • Fixed bug that hid some amazon search results.
  • Fixed ONIX export to validate.
  • Fixed Alexandria export.
  • Fixed Alexandria cover image import.
  • Updated Amazon search for newer API.
  • Fixed error handling for ISBN-13 searches.
  • Updated searching.
  • Fixed searching to properly replace all HTML entities.
  • Added Blu-ray and HD DVD to video media.
  • Changed collection merge to concatenate paragraph fields.
  • Improved collection merging.

Tellico 1.2.9 – 1 March 2007

  • Updated IMDb search.
  • Fixed sorting for entries with rating = 10.
  • Fixed bug with formatting dependent fields.
  • Fixed bug with adding spaces following a comma in the editor.
  • Changed MODS import to allow any result with typeOfResult = text.
  • Fixed several bugs with i18n issues, thanks to patches from Jens Seidel.

Tellico 1.2.8 – 3 February 2007

  • Fixed bug with secondary and tertiary sorting.
  • Fixed bug with some z39.50 search results not showing up.
  • Fixed bug with comparing relative URLs when importing a file catalog.
  • Fixed “ISBN Not Found” dialog to have selectable text.
  • Fixed “busy cursor doesn’t go away” in the download stuff dialog.
  • Fixed the newstuff download to uninstall cleanly.
  • Fixed compilation error in yaz include, patch from Markus Brueffer.
  • Updated CDDB import to grab extd data as comments, and category as keyword.
  • Updated audio file importer to take disc number into account for mp3, ogg, and flac files.
  • Changed IMDB rating to allow float values.
  • Updated translations for pt and pt_BR.

Tellico 1.2.7 – 6 December 2006

  • Fixed bug that could cause images to be lost when loading from data file.
  • Fixed bug with saving URL values without the protocol.
  • Fixed bug with editing ISBN-13 values.
  • Updated sorting to take title articles into account.
  • Updated search to allow ISBN-13 values.
  • Changed file listing import to match on URL only.
  • Improved performance when copying or deleting multiple entries at once.

Tellico 1.2.6 – 10 November 2006

  • Fixed intermittent crashing bug when doing updates.
  • Improved update matching for some types of entries.
  • Improved IMDB cast search for TV shows.

Tellico 1.2.5 – 3 November 2006

  • Improved performance for loading large (> 10Mb) images.
  • Fixed another bug with over-writing images on entry update.
  • Fixed crashing bug for some Amazon and Yahoo searches.
  • Updated yahoo audio search webservice url.
  • Updated allocine script (v 0.3), from Mathias Monnerville.
  • Updated Finnish from Teuvo Eloranta.

Tellico 1.2.4 – 14 October 2006

  • Improved performance on loading and unloading collection files
  • Fixed bug with Internet search dialog showing data sources for all types
  • Fixed bug with overwriting images when updating entries.
  • Fixed off-by-one error in file listing volume name, suse bug #207685
  • Updated script
  • Updated Nintendo Revolution to Nintendo Wii in game collection

Tellico 1.2.3 – 24 September 2006

  • Fixed the HTML export to properly copy included files and use relative links.
  • Added a button to the Internet search to fetch additional results for some data sources (Amazon, IMDb, z39.50).
  • Lowered required KDE version to 3.3.1.

Tellico 1.2.2 – 7 September 2006

  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong temporary directory to be used, which could hide or lose images.
  • Fixed bug with URLs not showing up in Image List report.

Tellico 1.2.1 – 6 September 2006

  • Fixed CDDB bug that read everything as Pink Floyd.
  • Improved image cache performance a bit more and fixed another memory leak.
  • Fixed a crashing bug in the file listing importer.
  • Fixed a rendering bug with the image gradients used in the entry templates.
  • Fixed a bug with some fields not showing auto-completion in the filter dialog.
  • Fixed CDDB cache importer to use UTF-8, as done in libkcddb.
  • Changed bibtex exporter to add braces or quotations around url{...} values.
  • Updated pt_BR, thanks to Cláudio Félix.

Tellico 1.2 – 31 August 2006

  • Added dialog for downloading new entry templates from
  • Added dialog for downloading new scripts (requires gpg)
  • Added config options for fonts and colors for entry templates
  • Added preset z39.50 server list
  • Added auto-completion to filter dialog
  • Added scripts for, Spanish Ministry of Culture and Dark Horse Comics, from Mathias Monnerville
  • Added ‘next’ and ‘prev’ buttons to entry editor.
  • Added as a data source
  • Added Ant Movie Catalog file importer
  • Added dialog to choose from multiple CDDB search responses
  • Fields can have default values
  • Data sources can be set to overwrite existing data when updating entries.
  • Added parser for unmodified CueCat bar code scanner
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks in the image cache
  • Fixed ISBN-13 compliance
  • Fixed HTML export to validate and to have better formatting

Tellico 1.1.6 – 7 May 2006

  • Fixed bug that prevented images from being saved in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when importing certain RIS files.
  • Added french documentation, from Regis Boudin.
  • Updated Hungarian translation, thanks to Csaba Zakarias.

Tellico 1.1.5 – 19 April 2006

  • Fixed bug with writing too many temporary image files.
  • Fixed bug in multiple ISBN search for z39.50.
  • Fixed “disappearing paragraph” bug in Fancy template.
  • Fixed name ordering for IBS searching.
  • Added “Xbox 360” to game searching.
  • Fixed crashing bug when deleting and re-adding fields by same name.
  • Fixed HTML decoding bug in IMDb plot summary.
  • Fixed bug that re-created default fields when adding search results.
  • Updated Spanish translation, thanks to Alejandro Hamann and Quique.
  • Changed CD-Text support to Linux-only, since it doesn’t actually work on other platforms.

Tellico 1.1.4 – 2 April 2006

  • Fixed bug that prevented XSLT files with spaces or other non-encoded characters from being opened.
  • Fixed bug with incorrectly setting document as modified when loading images.
  • Fixed bug with loading loans for entries with non-consecutive ids.
  • Fixed bug that caused crashes when changing grouping options for some fields, thanks to Petri Damstén for many backtraces.
  • Fixed bug that prevented files saved with versions < 0.8 from being opened.
  • Fixed image fetching for IBS.
  • Fixed compilation for SDK 2.0.2.
  • Updated French translation, thanks to Mathias Monnerville and Regis Boudin.
  • Updated German translation, thanks to Gerrit Albrecht.

Tellico 1.1.3 – 12 March 2006

  • Fixed bug that prevented comic book template from showing up on config options or importers.
  • Fixed z39.50 search to use same character encoding for query as for search results.
  • Changed ISO 5426 converter to treat umlaut and diaeresis identically.
  • Fixed intermittent crash when exporting HTML and overwriting files.
  • Fixed bug with empty groups showing up after deleting entries.
  • Updated ru translation.

Tellico 1.1.2 – 5 March 2006

  • Added pt_BR translation, thanks to Claudio Felix.
  • Fixed HTML export to use relative links.
  • Fixed layout problem in HTML export.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect group counts.
  • Fixed file saving to remember user permissions.
  • Updated IMDb importer to get user rating and plot.

Tellico 1.1.1 – 18 February 2006

  • Added ISO 5426 and ISO 6937 character conversion for z39.50 searching, using code from marc4j project.
  • Fixed image location for HTML export.
  • Fixed oowriter crash when closing.
  • Fixed image scaling in entry templates.
  • Changed tellico.desktop installation location to use xdg_appsdir.
  • Fixed character encoding for IMDB searches.

Tellico 1.1 – 7 February 2006

  • Minimum versions bumped to KDE >=3.2 and QT >= 3.2.
  • Documentation is now dual-licensed, under the GFDL and the FreeBSD Documentation License.
  • Images can be written to the application folder, instead of the data file, which improves performance.
  • Added file catalog collection type for tracking CD/DVD contents.
  • Existing entries can be updated automatically, allowing data from multiple sources to be combined.
  • New data sources, for Yahoo! Audio Search, SRU servers,, and, were added.
  • External scripts can now use various search criteria, not just keywords.
  • Table editing was improved, with a right-click menu and column labels. Maximum columns were increased to 10.
  • New and modified entries are color-coded in the list view for visual indication of their status.
  • Entries with no cover image now have a better icon.
  • Added GCfilms importer and exporter.
  • Audio CD importing now reads CD-Text.
  • Audio CD importing now reads track length.
  • Bibtex citations can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Limited support for inserting citations in was added.
  • The z39.50 search can read MODS and GRS-1 formats.
  • Added cancel button in the status bar for long tasks, such as loading and importing.
  • Added drag-n-drop for images from Mozilla Firefox.
  • Added 3-column video report template.
  • Changed Bibtex exporter to not add braces around capital letters.
  • Changed internet searching to allow custom fields to be added.

Tellico 1.0.3 – 18 October 2005

  • Updated Italian translation, thanks to Lorenzo Novaro.
  • Fixed compilation with kdepim 3.5.
  • Fixed bug with bibtex macro names always being converted to lowercase (bug in btparse).
  • Fixed bug with window initialization for opening files via command-line, thanks to Marco Clemencic.

Tellico 1.0.2 – 2 October 2005

  • Updated IMDB search.
  • Fixed bug with MARC format auto-detection for z39.50 searching.
  • Fixed bug with CSV importer not properly parsing files using a delimiter other than a comma.
  • Fixed layout bug in Fancy template for custom collections.
  • Fixed bug with entry selection in icon view.
  • Fixed bug with showing invalid loan due date.

Tellico 1.0.1 – 20 September 2005

  • Added Norwegian Nynorsk translation from Karl Ove Hufthammer.
  • Fixed bug with loading utf-8 encoded bibtex files.
  • Fixed bug with icon sizes in config dialog.
  • Fixed crashing bug with modifying filters and cancelling.
  • Fixed bug in audio file metadata import that was overwriting track listings incorrectly.
  • Fixed crashing bug for selecting groups and entries in group view.

Tellico 1.0 – 9 September 2005

  • Added video game collection template
  • Added delayed image loading, which should improve performance for collections with many images
  • Added a Report Dialog, with several collection report templates.
  • Added lending support, with optional integration with KOrganizer (requires kdepim >= 3.4)
  • Added saved collection filters
  • Added DCOP interface
  • Added limited undo/redo support
  • Improved z39.50 searching to support UNIMARC format
  • Improved HTML exporter to allow relative linking
  • Added PubMed searching
  • Added ONIX exporting
  • Added CDDB cache files importing
  • Changed Rating field to have its own type
  • Changed Table field to allow up to five columns

Tellico 0.13.8 – 1 July 2005

  • Fixed parsing bug with CSV import.
  • Added license exception for linking to OpenSSL.
  • Fixed crashing bug for fields with empty categories.
  • Fixed bug with file extension still defaulting to .bc.
  • Fixed bug with grouping by checkbox fields.
  • Fixed crashing bug with importing from into a bibliography.
  • Fixed gcc4 compilation again.

Tellico 0.13.7 – 26 May 2005

  • Updated Dutch translation, thanks to Fred Marchee.
  • Updated French translation, thanks to Regis Boudin.
  • Fixed bug with clearing text in table fields.
  • Fixed bug with cover images not being shown as icons in the icon view.
  • Fixed bug for fields with reserved names, like entry or field.
  • Fixed bug with illegal derived XML names, Debian #306067.
  • Fixed typo on allowed and description text in Field Editor.

Tellico 0.13.6 – 3 April 2005

  • Added Portuguese translation, thanks to Ligia Moreira.
  • Fixed some minor DTD errors, Debian bug #302437.
  • Fixed bug with selecting hidden items.
  • Fixed bug with adding multiple entries from the internet search dialog.

Tellico 0.13.5 – 8 March 2005

  • Fixed character encoding for searches on
  • Fixed crashing bug with searches.
  • Fixed some i18n string generation.
  • Updated German translation, thanks to Gerrit Albrecht.

Tellico 0.13.4 – 27 February 2005

  • Fixed a bug with the RIS importer that messed up all entry types.
  • Fixed a bug with character encoding for non-latin1 characters.
  • Fixed a bug with exporting empty groups in HTML.
  • Updated and fixed the bibtex character translation table, which should finally be correct.
  • Added a configure parameter to disable compiling with cddb support even if the kcddb headers are found.

Tellico 0.13.3 – 10 February 2005

  • Fixed configure check that might disable import, thanks to Markus Brueffer.
  • Fixed a bug with skipping the first track for multi-artist albums and audio file metadata importer.

Tellico 0.13.2 – 6 February 2005

  • Added import for France and Canada.
  • Updated Swedish translation, thanks to Peter Landgren.
  • Improved compatability with IMDb import.
  • Fixed bug with character translations in bibtex export, Debian bug 292165.
  • Updated bibtex character translation table.
  • Fixed bug with locale-encoding for HTML export.
  • Fixed compilation for gcc 4.0pre, Debian bug #290467.
  • Improved robustness for RIS importer.

Tellico 0.13.1 – 11 December 2004

  • Fixed a bug with the PilotDB export.
  • Added Date field support for PilotDB export.
  • Fixed some Date field formatting.
  • Fixed auto bibtex key generation for some entries.
  • Fixed compile issues with KMAX and KMIN templates.
  • Fixed compile issues with CDDB on FreeBSD, with patch from Markus Brüffer.
  • Updated Finnish translation, thanks to Tuevo Eloranta.
  • Updated Norwegian translation, thanks to Leif Mathis Gaup.
  • Added sort column shading, per KDE bug 59791.

Tellico 0.13 – 1 December 2004

  • All references to bookcase were removed. That is to say, the root element in the XML file is now tellico. The top-level file in the zip file format is now tellico.xml, and all the stylesheets have been renamed to include tellico in their name. The default file extension is now .tc.
  • The printing and HTML export stylesheets were updated. The major bug was that, when grouped, entries not in any group were ignored in the output. Fixing that required some rearranging of the stylesheet which slowed it down somewhat, but it’s easier to understand (for me) and a bit more robust. Any custom stylesheets will have to be updated.
  • The Internet Movie Database can now be searched for videos.
  • Any USMARC-compliant z39.50 server may be searched. The yaz library is required.
  • The cdparanoia dependency was removed, in favor of an internal copy of cd-discid.
  • An importer for the RIS format was added.
  • New icons were added from Virginie Quesnay.
  • The ISBN search can load a list of ISBN values from a text file.
  • Command-line options for importing bibtex, MODS, and RIS files were added.
  • The rating field now uses star icons.
  • Sorting works correctly for titles that begin with an article followed by an apostrophe. The article must include the apostrophe in the article configuration.
  • URL fields may include a relative URL, to be interpreted relative to the data file location.
  • The lyxpipe entry citation will now auto-generate a bibtex key, if none exists for an entry.

Tellico 0.12 – 20 September 2004

  • Renamed to Tellico because of trademark conflict. Tellico 0.12 is identical to Bookcase 0.11, except for the name change.

Bookcase 0.11 – 2 September 2004

  • Added CDDB/FreeDB importer. (Requires libkcddb, kdemultimedia >=3.2, and libcdda)
  • Added importer for reading audio file metadata. (Requires taglib)
  • Added importer and exporter for Alexandria data files.
  • Updated Norwegian translation, thanks to Leif Mathis Gaup.
  • Fixed two crashing bugs in CSV import and Find.
  • Fixed compile for gcc 2.95.

Bookcase 0.10 – 22 August 2004

  • Added new Date field type.
  • Added new icon view for showing all entries in a group or collections.
  • Added search dialog for importing data from Internet sites using
  • Updated entry templates to show HTML formatting for Paragraph type field, and to preserve line-breaks.
  • Added menu item for importing MODS data.
  • Added option for exporting selected entries only.
  • Changed HTML export to put individual entry files in separate directory.
  • Added spinbox for Number type fields.
  • Fixed bug with auto-capitalization with dashes or commas, and enabled capitalization for such words as l’Homme in French.

Bookcase 0.9.3 – 27 May 2004

  • Restructured ISBN code to remove some old code with questionable copyright, thanks to Regis Boudin.
  • Added ISBN hyphenation for French publishers, thanks to Regis Boudin.
  • Updated Italian translation, thanks to FaUsT.
  • Fixed crashing bug when exporting with no groups.
  • Fixed bug with some empty group names.

Bookcase 0.9.2 – 17 May 2004

  • Fixed bug with printing and HTML export for libxml2 < version 2.6.
  • Fixed bug with character encoding with XSLT import.
  • Fixed bug with losing extended properties when copying a field.
  • Added template for importing MODS collections.

Bookcase 0.9.1 – 2 May 2004

  • Added more documentation updates.
  • Fixed a translation issue for UI file and some other strings.
  • Improved CSV importer to know about the current collection.
  • Changed quick filter to wait 200 ms for you quick typists out there.
  • Updated German translation, thanks to Gerrit Albrecht.
  • Added a wait cursor when saving file.
  • Fixed bug with lyxpipe usage.
  • Fixed bug in column view when clearing an image.

Bookcase 0.9 – 19 April 2004

  • Added sorting by group count
  • Added collection merging
  • Added drag-and-drop for images in Entry Editor
  • Added Compact and Fancy entry templates
  • Added support for bibtex citations using lyxpipe
  • Added limited support for changing type of existing fields
  • Added support for printing and exporting images
  • Added support for showing images in Column View
  • Added support for exporting individual files for each entry
  • Added support for filtering by group
  • Added more documentation
  • Fixed PilotDB export
  • Fixed numerous crashing bugs

Bookcase 0.8.5 – 10 March 2004

  • Fixed random crashing bug.
  • Fixed bug with truncated entry view for Video template when no cast field exists.
  • Fixed bug with filter dialog layout in KDE 3.2.
  • Fixed bug with corrupt data files when an image is referenced by more than one entry.
  • Fixed XML encoding bug when collection title has an apostrophe.

Bookcase 0.8.4 – 21 February 2004

  • Fixed crashing bug when renaming Image, Paragraph, or Table fields.
  • Fixed compilation bugs with gcc 2.95 and FreeBSD, thanks to Markus Brueffer.
  • Fixed layout bug when using Keramik style.
  • Fixed layout bug with default template and large images.
  • Fixed encoding bug when exporting to HTML.
  • Fixed duplicate menu problem with KDE 3.2.x.
  • Fixed bug with reordering fields.
  • Added Czech translation, thanks to Robert Kratky.
  • Updated Spanish translation, thanks to Quique.
  • Updated Estonian translation, thanks to Toomas Nigola.

Bookcase 0.8.3 – 5 February 2004

  • Fixed saving visible columns yet again.
  • Changed XSLT parser to prevent all network calls.
  • Fixed crashing bug when deleting a field.
  • Fixed compilation bug when using libxml > 2.6.0 but libxslt < 1.1.0.

Bookcase 0.8.2 – 4 February 2004

  • Fixed truncation bug for files with Unicode characters.

Bookcase 0.8.1 – 3 February 2004

  • Fixed compilation and linking errors.
  • Added additional entry templates for music and video collections.
  • Added automatic EAN to ISBN conversion, thanks to Martijn Pieters.
  • Added configure option for XML catalog registration of bookcase.dtd.
  • Properly versioned the DTD.
  • Fixed Select All bug.
  • Updated French translation, thanks to Rui Nibau.
  • Added Finnish translation, thanks to Teuvo Eloranta.

Bookcase 0.8 – 25 January 2004

  • Added Image and Dependent field types.
  • Added default collections for comic books, coins, stamps, trading cards, and wines.
  • Added menu item for custom collections.
  • Added HTML entry view widget, which uses customizable XSLT stylesheets.
  • Moved entry editor to dialog box.
  • Expanded fields to allow for any extended property, beyond just bibtex field mappings.
  • Changed Bookcase data to a zipped XML file, because of the included images.
  • Changed Requires to KDE 3.1 or higher because of the use of the KZip class.
  • Improved auto-completion to account for fields with multiple values.
  • Added Finnish translation from Teuvo Eloranta.
  • Added Export to XML menu item.
  • Improved loading time for large files.
  • Added experimental support for exporting to Pilot-DB.
  • Added Collection menu with items for adding, editing, copying, and deleting entries.
  • Added text cut, copy, and paste functionality.
  • Added find, “select all”, and “deselect all” functionality.

Bookcase 0.7.2 – 25 November 2003

  • Fixed ISBN format bug for non-english publishers.
  • Fixed bug with auto-capitalization when global setting was turned off.
  • Fixed bug with not saving options for empty collections.
  • Fixed bug with reordering visible fields.
  • Fixed bug to update status line after deleting entries.
  • Updated German translation, thanks to Gerrit Albrecht.
  • Added Swedish translation, thanks to Karolina Lindqvist.
  • Fixed bug with adding a 2-column table.

Bookcase 0.7.1 – 10 November 2003

  • Fixed bad encoding bug for non-latin1 characters. (if anyone happened to overwrite their collection file with that error, iconv will fix it. The command iconv -f utf-8 oldfile > newfile will revert the characters back to their proper encoding.
  • Fixed compiling errors with GCC 2.96
  • Fixed bug in fields editor.
  • Changed bibtex and CSV export to locale-encoding only.

Bookcase 0.7 – 8 November 2003

  • Added support for bibliographic, video, and music collections.
  • Added two new field type: single and double-column tables.
  • Added Bibtex, CSV, and XSLT import functions.
  • Added HTML, CSV, and XSLT export functions.
  • Added “Tip of the Day” dialog.
  • Added dialogs for configuring toolbars and shortcut keys.
  • Improved printing, so that printouts are sorted according to the view, and if a view filter is being used, only the visible entries are printed.
  • Improved numerical sorting.
  • For bibliographies, string macros are supported.
  • Changed field completion to be case-insensitive.
  • Added capability to re-order fields in the editor layout.
  • Added pseudo-group for all “person” fields.

Bookcase 0.6.6 – 17 August 2003

  • Added French translation, thanks to RNB.
  • Fixed bug with crashing in the “Edit Fields” dialog.
  • Fixed bug with random visible columns for translated and custom field titles.

Bookcase 0.6.5 – 21 July 2003

  • Fixed translation bug with category names.
  • Added Bulgarian translation, thanks to Boyan Ivanov.
  • Updated German translation, thanks to Ulf-Diether Ehlert.
  • Added Estonian translation, thanks to Toomas Nigola.

Bookcase 0.6.4 – 25 June 2003

  • Added Dutch translation, thanks to Liese De Vos.
  • Added Japanese translation, thanks to Linux Magazine – Japan.
  • Fixed sorting for empty fields.
  • Fixed crashing on KDE 3.0.x when opening the filter dialog.
  • Fixed bug with greedy surname matching when middle initials had periods (Qt >= 3.1 only).
  • Fixed drawing bug with toolbar label background (Qt >= 3.1 only).
  • Fixed bug with auto-completion property being changed in field editor.

Bookcase 0.6.3 – 27 May 2003

  • Added Spanish translation.
  • Updated Norwegian translation.
  • The column view now remembers the previous sort, and uses it if current sort keys are equal. In other words, if you sort by “Series Number” and then “Series”, books in the same series are sorted by series number.
  • Fixed bug with expand/collapse all not working.
  • Fixed bug with sorted column not being remembered between document loads.
  • Fixed bug with modified field category not being reflected in edit widget.
  • Fixed bug with name prefixes not being limited to word boundaries.
  • Fixed bug with number of books in group not being updated after adding a book.

Bookcase 0.6.2 – 11 May 2003

  • Added Norwegian translation, thanks to Leif Mathis Gaup.
  • Fixed bug so that new fields are actually added to the columns on restart and edit widgets are updated.
  • Fixed crashing bug when selecting another book after modifying the current one.
  • Fixed printing bug when grouping by a field with multiple items.
  • Finally fixed the Bibtexml import character encoding issue.
  • Prettied up some layout code.

Bookcase 0.6.1 – 5 May 2003

  • Fixed annoying automake 1.7 bug.
  • Fixed bug with double encoding of imported Bibtexml files, and wrong namespace on exported Bibtexml files.
  • Fixed bug with being asked repeatedly about entering a modified book when saving multiple books.
  • Fixed bug with group icon not changing back to folder from the “person” icon.
  • Fixed bug with UIC variable usage in configure.
  • KAcceleratorManager is now used for the keyboard accels on the tabs, which should make the translated versions automatically pick up accels (only for KDE 3.1+).
  • Modified and new fields are now colored and italicized in the fields dialog list.

Bookcase 0.6 – 2 May 2003

  • Custom fields are now allowed. Please let me know if something doesn’t work as you expect it would. There are currently six different field types – Simple Text, Paragraph, List, Checkbox, Year, and URL.
  • View filtering is enabled, both with the Quick Filter in the toolbar, and with the Advanced Filter dialog.
  • Multiple book editing is supported, with multiple selection.
  • Added keyboard accels for changing the active tab.
  • Added different icon when grouping by personal names.
  • Added RegExp editor to find dialog.
  • Surname prefixes such as ‘von’ or ‘de’ are supported.
  • The article list and suffixes are case insensitive.
  • Fixed bug with exporting Bibtex in UTF-8.
  • Fixed bug with saving column order and widths.
  • Fixed bug with allowing multiple copyright years.

Bookcase 0.5.2a – 23 March 2003

  • Fix stupid left-over debug call that hides the extra toolbar.

Bookcase 0.5.2 – 22 March 2003

  • Added Hungarian and German translations. Thanks to Marcel Hilzinger and Gerrit M. Albrecht.
  • Fixed bug when trying to have an empty article or suffix list
  • Fixed bug where Bookcase crashes when trying to import a mal-formed Bibtexml file.
  • Fixed bug with auto-format always being applied.
  • Fixed an i18n issue in printing stylesheet.

Bookcase 0.5.1 – 15 March 2003

  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed compile for Qt 3.0.x

Bookcase 0.5 – 14 March 2003

  • Fixed major latin2 character set bug
  • GUI improvements:
    • You can select which fields get shown in the list view.
    • You can re-arrange the order of the columns, and have the order remembered.
    • For checkbox fields, the list view has a nice checkmark pixmap
    • Colored book counts
  • Added search capability
  • Added a printing configuration page for changing which fields get printed, as well as some formatting options
  • Added some beginning XSLT stylesheets for importing from Bibtexml and exporting to both Bibtex and Bibtexml
  • Changed the DTD slightly to split the fields with multiple values into separate elements. This means that if you open a file from version 0.5 with Bookcase 0.4, you will lose some data. Once you move to version 0.5, don’t go back!
  • The document file also now includes a namespace.
  • Changed the copyright year and language to allow for multiple values.

Bookcase 0.4.1 – 3 December 2002

  • Fixed compile problems on gcc 2.95
  • Added Romanian translation

Bookcase 0.4 – 24 November 2002

  • Added config option for showing number of books in group
  • Added Italian translation Thanks, FaUsT!
  • Added new toolbar for group selection and future filters
  • Added ability to group by arbitrary property
  • Printing improvements

Bookcase 0.3 – 21 October 2002

  • Added printing support using KHTML
  • Added RPM spec file
  • Added config option for reopening previous file at startup
  • Bugfixes for name formatting

Bookcase 0.2 – 16 April 2002

  • Added article and suffix list to options in config dialog
  • Added auto-capitalization of titles and names
  • Added configuration dialog