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Tellico 2.3.9 Released

Tellico 2.3.9 is available.


  • Improved GCstar import and export to handle custom GCstar fields.
  • Updated TheMovieDB fetcher to API version 3.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with writing link-only images in HTML exporter (Bug 330649).
  • Fixed character encoding in Allocine fetcher (Bug 334527).
  • Removed IMDb country choice since it's now unavailable (Bug 330641).
  • Fixed CSV importer bug, causing a hang (Bug 329677, Debian Bug 729503).
  • Fixed crashing bug in IMDB fetcher (Bug 330591).
  • Fixed crashing bug in command-line importing (Debian Bug 729499).
  • Corrected user dialog text with Google Book Search results (Bug 323475).
  • Fixed error in setting modified date for entry in certain cases (Bug 326911).
  • Updated IMDb fetcher for website changes (Bug 325673).

Please let me know of any comments or bugs.