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Annoyed by Tellico 2.3.1 not saving your window settings?

Did you upgrade to Tellico 2.3.1 only to discover that your carefully set window settings for visible columns and widths were lost? Bug 256373 is rather annoying, I know. If you compile from source, you can grab the short patch from the bug fix. Otherwise, I'll be getting 2.3.2 released in a month or so, and you'll be able to get your distribution's package.


Annoyed by Tellico-2.3 requiring nepomuk...

Re: Annoyed

Just because of packaging? Isn't it part of kdelibs? It's for reading file metadata.

Not because of packaging. I

Not because of packaging. I can't build tellico from source without nepomuk. I have gentoo with kdelibs (not a full kde install) installed, but I would have to install much more packages only to be used by tellico. Previous versions (up to 2.2) did not require it.

Re: Not because of packaging. I

Oh, I see. It's a Gentoo thing. Nepomuk is part of kdelibs, after all. If you have kdelibs, you have Nepomuk. But I'll see if I can figure out something with the cmake magic to make it optional.

Previous versions (up to 2.2) had a regression compared to Tellico 1 since they didn't no longer read file metadata. That's why I fixed it.

I see. So probably the safest

I see. So probably the safest thing for me would be to install the missing dependencies. I was reluctant to do it since I do not use kde desktop, only several applications, like kile or okular, while nepomuk pulls tons of dependencies like virtuoso-server, raptor and so on... Thanks for explaining.

Re: I see. So probably the safest

I committed some changes earlier today that I think should make Nepomuk optional. I couldn't verify that since it looks like something on my opensuse box was still pulling in libnepomuk. But maybe you could check the next release to see if the same dependency is there.

You're correct, I didn't think about Nepomuk pulling in all the RDF dependencies like virtuoso and raptor. I can see how that would pull in a lot of other software.


Wow, that's great. Just downloaded svn and it builds&runs fine without nepomuk. Thanks a lot.

One additional suggestion: it would be nice if musicbrainz fetcher would download also cd cover.