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Tellico 3.1 Released

Tellico 3.1 is available, with several new data sources and bug fixes. Tellico now builds with CMake 3.9 or newer. Reading audio CD now uses GNU libcdio instead of libdiscid.


  • Added data source for
  • Added data source for Internet Game Database (
  • Added data source for
  • Added message dialog for Amazon Associate warnings (Bug 364784).
  • Added DBUS option for filtering exported entries (Bug 382035).
  • Improved performance for filtering large collections.
  • Switched from using libdiscid to libcdio for improved performance for reading Audio CDs and CD-Text.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing bugs with remote image loading (Bug 382572, Bug 379607, Bug 384104).
  • Fixed bug with showing stars in column view for float values (Bug 384547).
  • Fixed building with CMake 3.9+ (Bug 382680)
  • Fixed bug of running out of memory when writing very large XML files (Bug 380832).
  • Fixed bug with some icons not being shown (Bug 378477).
  • Removed deprecated Freebase data source.
  • Fixed track length for CD audio (Bug 379426).
  • Fixed bug showing icons for custom collection (Bug 378852).
  • Added PEGI rating to GiantBomb results (Bug 375996).

Please let me know of any comments or bugs.