Tellico 3.1 is available, with several new data sources and bug fixes. Tellico now builds with CMake 3.9 or newer. Reading audio CD now uses GNU libcdio instead of libdiscid.


  • Added data source for
  • Added data source for Internet Game Database (
  • Added data source for
  • Added message dialog for Amazon Associate warnings (Bug 364784).
  • Added DBUS option for filtering exported entries (Bug 382035).
  • Improved performance for filtering large collections.
  • Switched from using libdiscid to libcdio for improved performance for reading Audio CDs and CD-Text.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing bugs with remote image loading (Bug 382572, Bug 379607, Bug 384104).
  • Fixed bug with showing stars in column view for float values (Bug 384547).
  • Fixed building with CMake 3.9+ (Bug 382680)
  • Fixed bug of running out of memory when writing very large XML files (Bug 380832).
  • Fixed bug with some icons not being shown (Bug 378477).
  • Removed deprecated Freebase data source.
  • Fixed track length for CD audio (Bug 379426).
  • Fixed bug showing icons for custom collection (Bug 378852).
  • Added PEGI rating to GiantBomb results (Bug 375996).

Please let me know of any comments or bugs.

Tellico 3.1 Released