Tellico 3.5 is available, with several new features, updated data sources, and bug fixes. I expect this to be the last major release before transitioning to Qt6 and KDE Frameworks 6.


  • Colnect can now be searched for comic book, sports cards, and video game results.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • A command-line option for importing PDF files was added.
  • An explicit filter rule for Bool fields was added.
  • Allowing regular expressions in the quick filter became an option (Bug 450517).
  • A transparent background is now used in the initial view (Bug 461777).
  • The https scheme is now supported for SRU sources (Bug 463438).
  • The active filter is retained when selecting an entry (Bug 462337).
  • Support for reading EPUB files with KFileMetaData was added (Bug 450192).
  • The link color for entry templates can now be configured (Bug 467150).
  • The SRU and z39.50 information for the US Library of Congress was updated.

Please do let me know of any regressions in functionality, compilation problems, bug in the behavior, or suggestions for improvement!

Tellico 3.5 Released