I read in a post by Manton Reece about a recent IndieWeb pop-up session on personal libraries and publishing list of books you might be reading. Just in the interest of seeing what I could pull together quickly, I made a tellico2jsonfeed.xsl template that one could use to generate an index.json file similar to what Micro.blog generates.

From the File -> Export menu, select Export XSL Transform

Then select the XSL file in the next dialog, as well as which books (“entries”) you want to include in the list. This template only works for book collections.

The export can also be done via the command-line as

unzip -p books.tc tellico.xml|xsltproc tellico2jsonfeed.xsl - > index.json

where you replace books.tc with the name of your Tellico data file and be sure to use the exact location of the tellico2jsonfeed.xsl file, as well.

Publishing Your Personal Library