OK, after long last, I’m reasonably sure that I have a version of Tellico that doesn’t have major issues. So with that, I’m making tellico-2.0pre1.tar.bz2 available.

This release has not been tested by many people yet. If you are not comfortable trying pre-release software, don’t. It may trash your home directory, kill all the whales, and take your dog hostage.

If you’d like to test it, please backup your data first!. The image handling and document loading were both significantly modified, and since they are the crucial components, you should have data backups. Along with that:

  • KDE4 and Qt™4 are required for the first time. I’ve been testing with KDE 4.2 and Qt™ 4.4, so I’m not quite sure how well Tellico works with other combinations. If you have a problem, please include version numbers in your email.
  • Tellico now uses cmake for configuration.The equivalent to running configure in the top-level directory is to now run cmake . (where the period tells cmake to configure the current directory.
  • The document syntax version has been bumped to 11, so if you save a file with this version of Tellico, older versions of Tellico will not open it. The main reason for the bump is that there are no longer Dependent fields. They became fields with derived values, which allow them to be any type of field, to make the sorting work better.
  • A while ago, I thought I might try to move Tellico to use a DB backend, such as MySQL or Postgresql, but I did not. This release is all about moving to KDE4.
  • Integration with the desktop address book and calendar for loans doesn’t work.
  • Webcam support doesn’t work, I don’t think.
  • Support for sending citations to OpenOffice.org was removed.
  • Searching Amazon now requires a secret key from amazon.com, and the QCA2 library.

If you decide to test it, please backup your data first!

Please let me know what problems you discover (but be nice!). I hope to get 2.0 released in a month or so, but remember this is a small hobby for me. I do have a number of other, higher priority, things in my life. 🙂

Tellico 2.0pre1 Released