Tellico 3.0.1 is available. This is the first bug fix release in the 3.0 series, with several fixes.

As always, back up your data files, including images. Configuration information is automatically migrated from ~/.kde/share/apps/tellico to ~/.local/share/tellico (unless you’re setting a different location through the XDG* variables).


  • Updated MARCXML2MODS stylesheet to version 3.6.
  • Added ESRB rating for “Everyone 10+” (Bug 375995).
  • Updated DBLP data source.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with truncated first two characters of root folder when importing a file listing (Bug 373918).
  • Fixed bug with Rating drawing size in list view (Bug 372560).
  • Fixed Google Scholar data source.
  • Fixed Bibsys z39.50 settings (Bug 375758).
  • Fixed “Report Bug” menu item to link to (Bug 375760).
  • Fixed image open dialog to remember last location (Bug 376002).
  • Fixed relative file locations in HTML export (Bug 376002).
  • Removed defunct Microsoft Academic Search data source.

Please let me know of any comments or bugs.

Tellico 3.0.1 Released