I noticed a thread on the Linux Mint forums from a user of gco, the GNOME Comics Organizer, who gave Tellico a try. Since gco used an XML-based file format, it’s relatively easy to create a translator to import the file into Tellico. So if you have a gco file and want to give it a shot in Tellico:

  1. Download the gco2tellico.xsl file
  2. In Tellico, select File→Import…→Import XSL Transform…
  3. Select the gco data file
  4. In the dialog box, select the location of the gco2tellico.xsl file
  5. Import!

I also noticed that one of the questions is related to sorting the issues in the Group View. Right-click on a group or entry item, then select Sort ByIssue. Done!

The caveat coming from gco is that comic volumes were used as the top-level entity, with issues added to each volume. In Tellico, the comic issue is the basic entry, and the volume title is entered as the Series. I know that’s less than ideal, but it happens to be the way Tellico is set up now.

Importing From Gnome Comics Organizer