Tellico 2.1.1, codenamed “Thanksgiving Travel“, is available for download. Version 2.1.1 is a bug-fix release, and all users are encouraged to upgrade since there is a data loss bug in previous versions, related to loans and filters.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that kept filters and loans for being saved in some circumstances (Bug 214672).
  • Fixed crashing bug related to column sorting (Bug 214661).
  • Fixed crashing bug related to formatting table values.
  • Added sorting in search results dialog (Bug 214523).
  • Fixed sorting in list view when auto-formatting is changed.
  • Fixed webcam preview window to appear only for ISBN and EAN searches.
  • Updated allocine search script to version 0.7.
  • Fixed sorting in the icon view.
  • Updated IMDB search to include director and writer.
  • Fixed Polish ISBN formatting (Bug 215411).
Tellico 2.1.1 Released