Tellico 2.9.92, a.k.a. “3.0 Beta 2” is available. This is a beta release, not ready for general use. It depend on Qt5 and many of the KDE Frameworks 5 libraries. If you’re comfortable with self-compiling software and using beta-quality releases, you’re welcome to give this a try and let me know of any problems.

The release mechanism has changed, along with a significant amount of the CMake code used for building. Everything seems to work on the KDE CI site, so I’m relatively sure it’s buildable, but I’m looking for feedback from anyone who is willing. The compression scheme has switched from gzip to xz.

As always, back up your data files, including images. Configuration information is automatically migrated from ~/.kde/share/apps/tellico to ~/.local/share/tellico (unless you’re setting a different location through the XDG* variables).

Along with the change in platform version, other updates since 3.0 Beta 1 include:

  • Re-enabled libkcddb and libksane support
  • Removed dependency on KDELibs4Support framework
  • Use correct relative file path for command-line options
  • Update data source for
  • Improve merging for comic books
  • Improve performance for deleting many entries at once
  • Fix bug for overly wide dialog box (Bug 362028)
  • Fix crashing bug with some empty table values (Bug 361622)
  • Fix bug with zero-padding in filter dates (Bug 361625)
Tellico 3.0 Beta 2 is Available