Tellico 3.0 is available. This is the first released version for KDE Frameworks 5 and depends on Qt5. The release mechanism has changed, along with a significant amount of the CMake code used for building. Everything seems to work on the KDE CI site, so I’m relatively sure it’s buildable for most everyone, but I’m looking for feedback from anyone who has issues. The compression scheme has switched to xz.

As always, back up your data files, including images. Configuration information is automatically migrated from ~/.kde/share/apps/tellico to ~/.local/share/tellico (unless you’re setting a different location through the XDG* variables).


  • Added support for user-defined SRU queries
  • Changed UI to include switchable view between icons and detailed list
  • Updated data source for
  • Improved merging performance for comic books
  • Improved performance for deleting many entries at once
  • Improved performance for merging large collections


  • Removed the defunct Yahoo! data source
  • Removed the defunct Citebase fetcher
  • Removed the PilotDB exporter (!)
  • Switched to libdiscid for reading audio CD info
  • Updated the internal libcsv version to 3.0.3

Bug Fixes

  • Added menu items for each Url field in icon view (Bug 250913).
  • Fixed bug for overly wide dialog box (Bug 362028)
  • Fixed crashing bug with some empty table values (Bug 361622)
  • Fixed bug with zero-padding in filter dates (Bug 361625)

Please let me know of any comments or bugs.

Tellico 3.0 Released