Tellico 3.4.2 is available, with a new data source, several updated sources, and a few bug fixes.


  • A new data source for RPGGeek was added.
  • The TheTVDB data source was updated.
  • The data source was updated.
  • The data source was updated.
  • The kino-teatr data source was updated.
  • The IMDb data source was updated.
  • The BoardGameGeek data source now uses larger images, when configured.
  • The TheMovieDB data source now allows user-entered language selection.
  • The Discogs data source can now continue searches when more results are available.
  • Context menu actions were added to copy and save images (Bug 443897).
  • All entry and report templates were updated to HTML5.
  • A DBUS command for importing PDF files was added.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Invalid XML characters are no longer saved and no longer break loading (Bug 443845).
  • Recursive audio file metadata importing now works correctly and metadata import was expanded.
  • Importing string macros from an empty bibtex file now works correctly (Bug 440652).
  • Undo now works after appending a new collection.
  • A crashing bug when importing some PDF files was fixed.

Please do let me know of any regressions in functionality, compilation problems, bugs in the behavior, or suggestions for improvement!

Tellico 3.4.2 Released

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